5 Design Trends that have Dominated 2020

The top five most trending 2020 interior design trends! Even though we are halfway through 2020, there is still time to incorporate some of these into your home or into your next one! Whether it’s furniture, doorways, natural materials, these are showing up all over homes but in modern ways! Check them out to learn more!

1. Dark Siding

This trend done the right way, will bring balance between modern and traditional style to your new home! Love this siding color from Certainteed Siding!

2. Cane Detailing

Now this trend has taken the interior design world head on. This natural, woven material is used for rattan furniture, pendant lights and rugs. You will definitely want to have these in your home, as they will be all the rage soon enough.

3. Dusty Green

What a gorgeous color this is. Even as a muted tone, this could work as a pop of color for someone who usually sticks to a neutral pallet.

4. Steel Railings

Not only are these gorgeous steel railings going to look amazing they will add an industrial touch to your home. Customized railings will not only be reliable for years to come but will also give light and brightness to your entire home.

5. White on White

Another color trend going on in 2020 is white trim on white walls. Not only does this give off the effect of more lighting but also adds a clean and fresh look to any room! Check out colors Gossamer Veil and Drift of Mist from Sherman Williams! 

Now that you’ve learned the latest 2020 design trends for your home. You can design the trendiest modern home on the block!  Contact Jon Huss Custom Homes today for a free consultation to implement all of these awesome design trends into your new custom home!