Customer Care & Warranty

Dry Basement Guarantee

“We guarantee for the life of your home you will have a dry basement, provided you keep positive drainage away from the foundation and do not alter the grades set by the engineer.”

We can make this promise because of our excavation experience and the extra care we take in the building process. Naturally we grade to create a positive drainage away from your home’s foundation. But, we also extend gutters and downspouts to carry water out and away from the foundation. Additives mixed with foundation concrete, along with our Lifetime Dry Basement Systemâ„¢ that we designed, guarantees your basement will not leak. We also use more clear stone at the drain tile and under the basement floor to keep water our of the basement. We have experience to determine good soil from unstable soil. When subsoil conditions are rocky or clay. we have the knowledge to perform the extra measures to insure proper installation for drain tile and sump pump.

Features That Keep Your Basement Dry

3 Part Waterproofing System
With the use of the latest technology, this system combines special plasticzers, additives in concrete, and controlled drainage.

Positive Drainage
By far the most important – we grade to create a positive drainage away from your foundation.

One Year Home Warranty

Complete Confidence In The Quality Of Our Homes!

Customer Care & Warranty

Service BEFORE and AFTER The Sale

  • Customer Care Package
    • Homeowners Manual
    • Lifetime Dry Basement Guarantee
    • Toolbox
  • Full-Time Customer Care Manager
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • On-Line Customer Tracking
  • Selections Made Easy
    • Color and Product selection within our Design Center
    • Our Design Center features the most current styles and trends, hand selected by our designers.
  • Meet with our Builder/Project Manager for a pre-construction conference
  • “Quality Walk Throughs” with Jon & your Project Manager during the construction process
  • 500 Point Inspection
  • Personalized Home Orientation
  • Your home presented 100% complete

Our goal is to provided the Greatest Customer Service and the best relationship BEFORE and AFTER the sale

Customer Care

Jon Huss Custom Homes Inc. is committed to 100% customer service and satisfaction. Your expectations are high – our are even higher! We pride ourselves in the quality of work we do and the continued service we perform, making the customer number 1!