Paint Trends for 2024

Paint colors can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your home. They can create different moods, styles, and atmospheres, depending on how you use them. That’s why choosing the right paint colors for your home is so important.

But how do you know which paint colors are trending in 2024? And how do you use them in your home in a way that suits your taste and personality? In this blog post, we will answer these questions and more. We will show you some of the most popular paint colors for 2024, according to experts and paint brands, and give you some tips and ideas on how to use them in your home.

According to various sources, the paint color landscape for 2024 is full of personality and diversity. There are four main themes that emerge from the 2024 trending paint colors:

– Earth tones: These are warm and cozy colors that are inspired by nature, such as terra-cotta, brown, green, and beige. They are perfect for creating a welcoming and comfortable environment in your home, especially in the living room, bedroom, and kitchen.

– Blues: These are cool and calming colors that are inspired by the sea and the sky, such as teal, navy, and pastel blue. They are ideal for creating a relaxing and serene atmosphere in your home, especially in the bathroom, bedroom, and home office.

– Peaches: These are bright and cheerful colors that are inspired by fruits and flowers, such as peach, coral, and pink. They are great for creating a lively and playful vibe in your home, especially in the kids’ room, nursery, and entryway.

– Neutrals: These are versatile and timeless colors that can work with any style and mood, such as white, gray, and cream. They are excellent for creating a clean and elegant backdrop in your home, especially in the dining room, hallway, and kitchen.

2024 Trending Paint Colors: The Examples

Now that you have an overview of the 2024 trending paint colors, let’s take a look at some specific examples from different paint brands and color authorities. Here are some of the most notable 2024 colors of the year and how to use them in your home:

– Renew Blue by Valspar: This is a refreshing blue that has hints of gray and green. It is described as a “new neutral” that can create a restorative and balanced environment in your home. You can use it as a primary or accent color in any room, but it works especially well in the bedroom, where it can promote a good night’s sleep.

Coordinating Colors

– Persimmon by HGTV Home, Sherwin-Williams: This is a vibrant orange that has a touch of red. It is described as a “happy hue” that can create a joyful and energetic environment in your home. You can use it as an accent color in any room, but it works especially well in the entryway, where it can make a bold and welcoming statement.

Coordinating Colors

– Cracked Pepper by Behr: This is a dark gray that has a hint of black. It is described as a “classic hue” that can create a sophisticated and modern environment in your home. You can use it as a primary or accent color in any room, but it works especially well in the dining room, where it can create a dramatic and elegant contrast with lighter colors.

Coordinating Colors

– Viridis by Graham & Brown: This is a rich green that has a touch of blue. It is described as a “forest-inspired hue” that can create a cozy and natural environment in your home. You can use it as a primary or accent color in any room, but it works especially well in the living room, where it can create a warm and inviting ambiance.

– Peach Fuzz by Pantone: This is a soft peach that has a touch of pink. It is described as a “delightful hue” that can create a sweet and charming environment in your home. You can use it as an accent color in any room, but it works especially well in the nursery, where it can create a cute and cozy atmosphere.

Cheers to the paint colors of 2024! Happy Painting!

Building A New Home

When you choose to build a new home with Jon Huss Custom Homes, we are there with you on the entire journey. You may be wondering, what is the process for building?

Creating your dream home can be a thrilling and satisfying journey, but it also demands a lot of organization, readiness, and teamwork. That’s why we at Jon Huss Custom Homes are eager to join you throughout the entire process. We guide you through every stage so you can relax and enjoy the building experience.

  1. Contact Us! Get in touch with us and book a quick appointment. We are eager to see you! We would enjoy having a short conversation with you about your preferences. We can discuss the schedule, whether you want to construct or purchase, and the following actions. We are delighted to meet our possible future home owners!! Reach out to us here to arrange a brief chat.
  2. Acquire the land. You’ll need to search for a suitable piece of land that fits your preferences, budget, and zoning regulations. This involves a lot of work – you’d need to verify the access and cost of utilities, such as water, sewer, and electricity, and get any required permits from the local authorities. Fortunately, we at Jon Huss Custom Homes are experts in the available lots. We are familiar with the procedures and steps, and we will handle everything for you and with you. We have lots ready for you or we can assist you in finding the ideal lot for you.
  3. Choose the best specialists. Jon Huss Custom Homes has the skilled team ready for you. Our team of experts work with you to ensure that your home is flawless. See our team here.
  4. Begin the design process. We will collaborate with you to design your dream home! We will develop a floor plan (if you don’t have one already), a layout, and a style for your new home. You should think about your lifestyle and preferences. We will ensure the design complies with the building codes and regulations. We will choose the materials, finishes, and fixtures for your new home, such as flooring, countertops, cabinets, appliances, and lighting. We will guide you through these steps together! Having our team of experts by your side makes this FUN and ENJOYABLE building process stress-free.
  5. Obtain funding. You might need to get a loan to cover the costs of building and buying your new home. You should compare different lenders and look for the best interest rates, terms, and fees, and get approved in advance. We talk and work with the best lenders for both construction loans or purchase. We can provide you with some of the lenders that have the best rates and programs for you.
  6. Begin the site work and lay the foundation. It’s time to get started!! We will remove any rocks, trees, and debris from the land, and make the site flat. We will excavate for the basement, and put in the footings and the foundation. The foundation holds up the framework of your new home and shields it from water and soil shifts.
  7. Build the frame and the exterior. We will then construct the framework of your new home, which consists of the walls, the ceiling, the roof, and the windows and doors. We will put in the siding, the roofing, and the exterior finishes, such as brick, stone, vinyl siding or cement board. The frame and the exterior determine the form and the look of your new home and shield it from the elements.
  8. Finish the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems. We will then put in the pipes, wires, ducts, and vents that connect your new home. We will also set up the outlets, switches, fixtures, appliances, and equipment for the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems. These systems supply water, power, heating, cooling, and ventilation to your new home and make it cozy and practical.
  9. Insulation and drywall. We will fill the gaps between the framing and the exterior with spray foam insulation to keep your new home cozy and quiet. At Jon Huss Custom Homes, we go beyond the insulation standard to ensure your comfort and lower your energy bills. Next, we will apply drywall on the walls and the ceiling to make them smooth and even for paint and decor.
  10. Finishing touches. We will finish the inside and the outside of your new home. This is when we add the final features and details that give your new home its personality and charm. This involves painting the walls and the ceiling, putting in the flooring and the countertops, installing custom cabinets and doors, hanging interior doors and trim, and installing the hardware.
  11. Conduct the final walkthrough and inspections. We will do the final walk-through and inspection of your new home. We make sure everything is done right and as you wanted. We do a “500 point” inspection at the final walkthrough (and also at framing and insulation stages). We do a Focus On Energy Inspection at various points of the process and test it at the end. We will also get your new home inspected by a professional who will confirm that it meets the quality and safety standards. If there are any problems or flaws, we will fix them before you move in.
  12. Leave us a review. We love your feedback! We’d be so appreciative if you would leave us a review of your positive experience on GoogleFacebook, or email us your review for our website at If you loved working with us, please let us know! We’d love to share your positive experience with our other potential clients.

Congratulations, you’ve just built your new home! 🎉

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Humidity Control in Your New Home

Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air, and it can vary depending on the temperature, season, and location of a room. Humidity can affect the comfort, health, and durability of your home, especially if you have wood furniture, floors, or walls. Wood is a natural material that responds to changes in humidity by expanding or contracting, which can cause warping, cracking, or rotting over time. Therefore, it is important to address the unique humidity challenges and solutions in different spaces of your home, ensuring a holistic approach to preserving the wood in your home.

Here are some tips for managing humidity in various rooms of your home:

  • Kitchen: The kitchen is one of the most humid rooms in the house, as cooking, washing dishes, and boiling water can generate a lot of steam and moisture. To prevent excess humidity in the kitchen, you should use exhaust fans or range hoods when cooking, and open windows or doors to let out the steam. You should also wipe down any condensation on the walls, cabinets, or appliances, and avoid leaving wet dishes or towels on the counters or sinks. To protect your wooden cabinets or countertops from humidity damage, you should seal them with a water-resistant finish, and repair any cracks or gaps that may allow moisture to seep in.
  • Bathroom: The bathroom is another humid room, as showering, bathing, and flushing can create a lot of water vapor and droplets. To reduce humidity in the bathroom, you should use exhaust fans or dehumidifiers when showering or bathing, and keep the door closed to prevent the moisture from spreading to other rooms. You should also dry off the walls, floor, and fixtures after each use, and avoid leaving wet towels or clothes in the bathroom. To preserve your wooden vanity, mirror, or shelves from humidity damage, you should apply a water-resistant coating, and replace any damaged or moldy parts.
  • Bedroom: The bedroom is a less humid room, but it can still experience some fluctuations in humidity due to breathing, sweating, and humidifiers. To maintain a comfortable and healthy humidity level in the bedroom, you should use a hygrometer to measure the humidity, and aim for a range of 40% to 60%. You should also avoid using humidifiers or vaporizers unless necessary, and clean them regularly to prevent mold growth. You should also change your bedding frequently, and air out your mattress, pillows, and blankets. To prevent your wooden bed, dresser, or nightstand from humidity damage, you should keep them away from direct sunlight, heat sources, or vents, and dust them regularly to remove any moisture or dirt.
  • Living room: The living room is a moderate humid room, but it can also experience some changes in humidity due to heating, cooling, or ventilation systems, as well as plants, aquariums, or fireplaces. To balance the humidity in the living room, you should use a humidistat to control the humidity, and adjust it according to the season and the weather. You should also avoid placing too many plants, aquariums, or fireplaces in the living room, and water them sparingly or cover them with lids. You should also clean and maintain your heating, cooling, or ventilation systems regularly, and replace any filters or ducts that may be clogged or leaky. To safeguard your wooden furniture, flooring, or walls from humidity damage, you should polish them with a wax or oil, and fix any scratches or dents that may expose the wood to moisture.

The Future of Humidity Control – Smart Home Solutions

There are many cutting-edge technologies that can help you monitor and control humidity levels in your home seamlessly. From smart thermostats to humidity sensors, discover how the integration of technology can make humidity management more efficient and convenient.

Technology can play a vital role in helping you monitor and control humidity levels in your home seamlessly. There are various devices and systems that can sense, adjust, and optimize the humidity in different rooms, depending on your preferences and needs. Some examples of cutting-edge technologies for humidity management are:

  • Smart thermostats: Smart thermostats are devices that can automatically regulate the temperature and humidity in your home, based on your schedule, habits, and weather conditions. They can also be controlled remotely via your smartphone, tablet, or voice assistant, allowing you to adjust the settings from anywhere. Smart thermostats can help you save energy and money, as well as improve your comfort and health. Some smart thermostats, such as Nest or Ecobee, can also integrate with other smart home devices, such as humidifiers, dehumidifiers, fans, or air purifiers, to create a more balanced and customized indoor climate.
  • Humidity sensors: Humidity sensors are devices that can measure and display the relative humidity in a room, as well as alert you when the humidity is too high or too low. They can also be connected to other devices, such as humidifiers, dehumidifiers, or ventilation systems, to automatically adjust the humidity level according to your desired range. Humidity sensors can help you prevent mold growth, wood damage, dry skin, allergies, and respiratory problems, as well as enhance your comfort and well-being. Some humidity sensors, such as Airthings Wave Mini or SensorPush, can also monitor other air quality parameters, such as temperature, CO2, VOCs, or pressure, and provide you with real-time data and insights via your smartphone or web browser.

These are some of the cutting-edge technologies that can help you monitor and control humidity levels in your home seamlessly. By integrating these technologies with your existing systems and devices, you can make humidity management more efficient and convenient, as well as enjoy the benefits of a healthier and more comfortable indoor environment.

 The 30% Rule – Why It Matters for Your Home’s Wood

Low humidity can shrink wood in your home, affecting its structure and appearance. In this post, we’ll explain how wood reacts to humidity and why you should keep it around 30%. Humidity is the water vapor in the air, and it influences your comfort and home health. Humidity control can avoid problems like mold, rot, pests, and allergies. The EPA recommends a humidity range of 30% to 50%. Wood loses moisture to dry air and contracts, creating cracks and gaps. This can damage doors, windows, floors, and furniture. To prevent this, keep a steady humidity level, especially in winter. A 30% humidity level prevents mold and dryness, and protects your wood quality.

Remember, consistent humidity control is not just about preserving wood; it also contributes to a healthier and more comfortable living environment for you and your family.

There are plenty of options we can add to control too much humidity or too little humidity.

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Dressing Up Your Home For Fall – Cozy Blankets, Faux Pumpkins & Stems, and More!

Fall is a wonderful season to celebrate the beauty of nature and the coziness of home. There are many ways to decorate your home in a tasteful and festive way for fall. Here are some of ideas:

  • Cozy up your living room with fall blankets and throws. Chunky blankets add great texture to your space but are also perfect to cozy up with in the chilly months.. Try adding velvet throw pillows in shades of rust, crimson, and mustard. You can also add some faux fur rugs or throws for extra warmth and comfort.
  • Set up a fall tableau on your foyer table with a mix of glass cloche containers, terra cotta pots, pumpkins, gourds, and candles. You can also add some fresh herbs or flowers for a touch of greenery. If you don’t want fresh, this is a great place to incorporate those faux stems.
  • Add fall plants around your home. Add an autumn wreath to your front door. Try adding faux stems to your vases and pots around your home – they are worth the investment as you can use them year after year.
  • Pumpkins! Think outside the box on the typical “carved pumpkin” that lasts a few weeks before it looks rotten and old. Invest in faux pumpkins and gourds on your front porch and inside your home instead! Use varying sizes, colors, and textures. Don’t be afraid to pack your porch with pumpkins and gourds!
  • Create a cornucopia with a mix of green tones, white, and flashes of fall color. You can use succulents, artichokes, pumpkins, and gourds to create a modern version of this classic symbol of abundance.
  • Don’t forget the classic mums on the front porch. This is a great way to keep some life in your arrangement while still incorporating faux items as well. 
  • Decorate with apples by filling a large glass vase or bowl with a mix of red and green apples. You can also use apple slices to make garlands or wreaths for your walls or windows.
  • Dress up your mantel with a display of white pumpkins, autumn foliage, and lanterns. You can also add some pinecones, acorns, or nuts for some natural texture.
  • Make pumpkin votives by carving out mini pumpkins and placing tea lights inside. You can group them as a centerpiece or scatter them around your home for a warm glow.
  • Build a tabletop topiary with fresh produce from your refrigerator or farmer’s market. You can use pumpkins, artichokes, herbs, and apples to create a fragrant and colorful display for your kitchen or dining room.
  • Use candles and candlesticks in your decor! They provide a warmth around your home and create a beautiful ambiance. 

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Patios and Porches by Jon Huss Custom Homes to Inspire your Fall Gatherings

Patios and porches are outdoor spaces that can be used for various purposes, such as relaxing, entertaining, dining, or gardening. In the fall, patios and porches can be decorated with seasonal items, such as pumpkins, cornstalks, wreaths, and lanterns. They can also be made more comfortable and cozy with cushions, blankets, rugs, and heaters. Patios and porches can be a great way to enjoy the changing colors of the leaves, the crisp air, and the warm sun in the fall.

These are a few of our patios and porches by Jon Huss Custom Homes.

This enclosed porch is perfect for taking in the views of the surrounding area. The big windows, door out back, the shiplap ceiling – we love it all! What a perfect place to spend the fall evenings watching the leaves change colors right in your backyard.

This porch is Ipe, also known as Brazilian walnut, is a tropical hardwood with a Janka hardness rating of 3,680. This makes it the hardest wood available for flooring. Ipe is also regarded as the best exterior decking material because of its durability, hardness, and long life expectancy.

Ipe is incredibly hard and dense, and is 91% harder than Merbau, 126% harder than Wenge, and over two-thirds harder than Santos Mahogany. It’s also three and a half times as hard as teak.

Ipe is highly resistant to rot and insects, and has a Class A fire rating, the same as concrete and steel. It’s also known to bend nails.

Look how beautiful this covered porch is. Did you see that beautiful wood ceiling? And those gorgeous wood posts? The fireplace is perfect for those crisp fall evenings while you cook out on the grill.

This patio is lovely. The more you look at it, the more you love! The intricate ceiling, the openness of it on all sides, and look at the beautiful landscape!!

This two story porch is absolutely stunning! The finished product has steps going down to the backyard as well.

Lastly, this porch and patio combination is dreamy. The porch has a fireplace and TV, and the outdoor patio has a firepit perfect for hosting those fall bonfires. Imagine sitting outside on this porch, fire blazing, watching the Packer game, roasting S’mores out on the fire. This backyard oasis is one that can’t be beat!

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Welcome Home!

You’ve just decided to build near the Fox Valley. Now What? Here are some fun things to do near your new home near Appleton, Wisconsin.

Appleton, WI is a charming city with plenty of things to do for visitors of all ages and interests. Whether you are looking for culture, nature, history, or fun, you will find something to enjoy in this city. Here are some of the best things to do in Appleton, WI. 

– Visit the Hearthstone Historic House Museum, the first home in the world to be powered by hydroelectricity. You can tour the elegant Victorian mansion and learn about its history and technology.

– Enjoy a show at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center, a state-of-the-art venue that hosts Broadway musicals, concerts, comedians, and more. You can also check out their educational programs and events.

– Marvel at the colorful and delicate creatures at the Butterfly Gardens of Wisconsin, a seasonal attraction that features over 200 butterflies. You can also explore the corn maze, the fairy garden, and the gift shop.

– Have fun with your kids at the Building for Kids, a play-based museum that offers hands-on exhibits and activities for children aged 7 and under. You can also join their special events and workshops.

– Explore the Trout Museum of Art, a downtown museum that showcases regional and national artists. You can also participate in their classes, lectures, and festivals.

– Learn about the life and legacy of Harry Houdini at the History Museum at the Castle, a museum that features exhibits and artifacts related to the famous magician who grew up in Appleton. You can also see displays on other local topics, such as baseball and motorcycles.

– Visit the Paper Discovery Center, a museum that celebrates the history and science of papermaking. You can also try your hand at making your own paper or origami.

– Check out the views of the Fox River, a scenic waterway that runs through Appleton. You can also enjoy a variety of activities along the river, such as kayaking, fishing, biking, or walking.

– Head to downtown Appleton in August to experience The Mile of Music. The Mile of Music is a free music festival that celebrates original and hand-crafted artistry. The festival features over 200 artists from various genres, such as Americana, indie rock, folk, soul, and more. The festival takes place every August in Downtown Appleton, a vibrant and walkable mile of venues, shops, restaurants, and bars. The festival also offers educational programs, workshops, and special events for music lovers of all ages. The Mile of Music is a unique and exciting way to experience the culture and community of Appleton.

9 features to add to your custom home to make it stand out from the rest.

When it comes to luxury homes, there are certain features that make them stand out from the rest. These features are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional, comfortable, and convenient. They reflect the personality and lifestyle of the homeowners, and create a unique and memorable living experience. These features are not only desirable, but also attainable with the help of a professional and experienced custom home builder.

A spa bathroom is a bathroom that resembles a luxurious spa, with features such as a soaking tub, a steam shower, a sauna, and more. A spa bathroom is designed to create a relaxing and rejuvenating atmosphere, where homeowners can pamper themselves and escape from the stress of everyday life. A spa bathroom can also have personalized touches, such as aromatherapy, music, lighting, and artwork. A custom home builder can help homeowners design and build their dream spa bathroom, with the best materials, fixtures, and accessories.

Home offices (or dual offices) with custom built-ins are a must in your custom built home. These are rooms that are designed for working from home or running a business. They may have custom desks, shelves, cabinets, lighting, or soundproofing.

A chef’s kitchen is a kitchen that has professional-grade appliances, ample counter space, custom cabinetry, and other features that make cooking and entertaining easier and more enjoyable. A chef’s kitchen is ideal for homeowners who love to cook, host, and impress their guests with their culinary skills. A chef’s kitchen can also have unique elements, such as a pizza oven, a wine fridge, a pot filler, a warming drawer, and more. 

Home theaters are rooms that are designed to provide a cinematic experience with features such as large screens, projectors, surround sound systems, reclining seats, popcorn machines, or mini bars.

Large master bedrooms with tray ceilings, sitting areas, or morning rooms are fantastic. These are spacious and comfortable rooms that may have additional features such as fireplaces, built-in cabinets, walk-in closets, or balconies.

A wine and tasting room is a room that has a wine cellar, a wine fridge, a wine rack, and other features that allow homeowners to store, display, and enjoy their wine collection. A wine and tasting room is ideal for homeowners who are wine enthusiasts, collectors, or connoisseurs, who want to share their passion and taste with their friends and family. A wine and tasting room can also have special features, such as a cheese board, a fireplace, a music system, and more. A custom home builder can help homeowners create their dream wine and tasting room, with the best temperature, humidity, and lighting.

Dedicated home gyms are perfect for your custom home. These are rooms that are equipped with fitness machines, weights, mats, mirrors, or TVs. They may also have ventilation systems, sound systems, or water coolers.

Add an unforgettable Ipe deck. This is Brazilian Walnut. Ipe decking is durable because the material is one of the densest wood species on the planet. Not only that, it is sustainable and eco-friendly. The surface of the wood is naturally resistant to mildew, insect damage, and fire, even without any treatment.

Smart home technology is one of the most sought-after features in high-end homes. Smart home technology refers to devices and systems that can be controlled remotely or automatically, such as lighting, security, temperature, entertainment, and more. With smart home technology, homeowners can enjoy convenience, comfort, safety, and energy efficiency. For example, they can adjust the thermostat from their smartphone, turn on the lights with their voice, monitor their home security cameras from anywhere, and stream their favorite music throughout the house. Smart home technology can also be customized to suit the preferences and needs of each homeowner. With the help of a custom home builder, homeowners can choose the best smart home devices and systems for their high-end home.

These features are not only beautiful, but also practical, comfortable, and enjoyable. They reflect the personality and lifestyle of the homeowners, and create a unique and memorable living experience. If you are interested in building your own custom home with these features, contact us today. We are a professional and experienced custom home builder who can help you turn your vision into reality.

*All of these photos are Jon Huss Custom Homes*

Getting Into Fall Feels Through Interior Design | Jon Huss Custom Homes

For us, this time of year means fall decor! Embracing the time of year when it begins to cool off, nights are longer, days are shorter. Why not make the best of this time by being bundled up on the couch admiring all the fall feels?!

As we dive into 2022 fall decor, think of all the ways to incorporate these into your home!

Warming Decor & Floral

Bring the outdoors into your home by creating floral arrangements that have warming colors. A great example would be sunflowers or mums. Add some pumpkins… fake or real, scattered around the house for a cute touch, and some autumn leaves to add more pop of color around the house! Feeling warm and cozy in your home means having your own personal touches, one thing that comes with fall is Halloween! Adding spooky/fall patterns on simple items around the house can make the atmosphere more fun and light. For example, pumpkin, ghost, leaves, or overall fall patterned towels, door mats, wall decor, whatever you prefer! Don’t be afraid to lighten the mood with some fun spooky patterns!

Fall Colors

These colors are combinations of browns, oranges, reds, and yellows. They give us the best warming fall feeling. These are only a few of the many warming fall colors! It gives the idea of looking outside at all the beautiful leaves, but in the comfort of your own home!

Feeling Cozy Yet?

Finally, the best way to feel cozy and warm in your home. As it begins to get colder and closer to winter, add lots of throw blankets and pillows. Adding fall-colored blankets and pillows to the couches and chairs gives the option to be warm and bundled up in your home! Get some fall-scented candles to help you relax, take a break, and soak up the good fall feels!

Curl up with some coffee or hot chocolate, and turn on your favorite movie bundled up in a blanket. Take some time for yourself and admire your fall-decorated space and the wonderful fall feels. Embrace the time before winter!

Jon Huss Custom Homes | 5 Creative uses of Extra Space

Cornrow | Combined Locks

In this extra loft space we added some decorative shelves, a small cabinet, and an area to sit. This space has a lot of potential, a little learning area, reading space, or just an overall great place to relax, and the list goes on. A perfect space to store anything from books to kids toys right at the top of the stairs!

Haven Ridge | Buchanan

This cute little area gives a good place to sit and take your shoes off, hang your keys and/or jacket after a long day. Store your shoes under the bench and go on with the day! Adding a lamp is just the right detail to brighten your home at night.

Crown Pointe | Suamico

The hidden coffee bar! Modern shelving with recessing cabinet doors giving you the choice of showing off your amazing coffee bar or keeping them closed to contain the clean modern look of your kitchen. Not only can it be an area for your coffee, but anything from décor, to simply being part of your pantry space!

Rose Tree | Center

This loft area is a great idea for a kids toy room, reading nook, or simply just a place to hang out and relax! It gives you or your kids a place to get away, calm down, get ready for the night, or prepare to have a good rest of the day. The things you could do with a room like this are endless!

Pioneer Road | Neenah

This space, being more commonly used, is still a great use of extra space. 4 spaces to hang sweaters or jackets while knowing whos is whos! A bench to put on or take off your shoes, and cabinets underneath the bench to keep your shoes out of the way! Convenient yet organized!

What’s your dream space?

Want to see more of these full custom house plans or want to build your very own dream home? Stop by or give us a call at (920) 759-9805 and schedule your time to meet with Jon and his team to get started!! Did you know we now have our own in-house draft person?! Check out our website, Facebook, and Instagram!

Am I Ready to Build? | Checklist

Buying a home can be pretty scary to some, but can you imagine building your dream home… Well, when you work with a custom builder like Jon Huss Custom Homes, we make the process exciting. We have created a checklist to see if you are ready to build a new home. 

1. You ran the numbers.

Many people will never consider building a new home because they assume it will be more expensive than buying a used home. That is not the case. 

In 2020, used homeowners spent over 1 billion dollars more in home maintenance and repairs than owners of newly built homes. 

If you are trying to decide between building a fresh, new home and renovating a troubled older home, leap to dig into that fresh ground! In most cases, when people try to repair older homes, they are just putting bandages on permanent problems. 

With that being said, if these thoughts have crossed your mind or started a conversation, that’s a sign you’re eager and ready to build a new home!

2. You can’t find the right home.

Finding a new home can be quite a journey. Open house after open house, constant checking on Zillow, never finding exactly what you want. This can be exhausting and frustrating. 

Unfortunately, most people won’t find the perfect location, close to work, school, and a great neighborhood. Not to mention the style you prefer, square footage, or a dream kitchen you’ve always wanted. 

You want to avoid this back-and-forth nightmare as much as possible. Thankfully there is a way to get out of that nightmare: BUILD A NEW HOME! There are so many benefits to building a new home, but the best one is getting what you want! 

If this nightmare describes your current situation, that is a sign you’re ready to build a new home! 

3. You hate surprises.

While buying an older home might seem like the better decision, it can cause unwanted surprises. There could be a plumbing issue that could cause flooding, replace a roof in five years, or replace old appliances. 

Sadly, when buying an older home, these unanticipated and expensive problems can occur at any point. 

On the more positive side, building a new home means that everything in your home will be brand new and likely under warranty! (Jon Huss Custom Homes provides a customer care warranty). So when building a new home, there will be no expensive surprise repairs that you will need to worry about. 

Another positive about building new is knowing exactly what you are getting into. Our team will take you step by step through our building process. We will also be super transparent in constructing the floor plan to know exactly what your home will look like, inside and out. 

If you would like to avoid the unwelcome surprises of buying a used home, then building a new home is the right move for you! 

4. You want an energy-efficient home.

Have you been wanting to be more sustainable when it comes to your home? Well, building a new home would do just that! (especially with Jon Huss Custom Homes) 

Jon Huss Custom Homes is a part of a New Home Certification Program called, Focus on Energy! This program allows our homes to be more energy-efficient. Our certified new homes are at least 25% more energy efficient than current Wisconsin building code requirements. Not only will you be saving energy, but you will also enjoy: premium indoor air quality, protection against mold and carbon monoxide, lower utility bills, consistent temperatures, and superior ventilation. 

These are all advantages of building a new home and building a new home that is energy efficient. 

If you want your home to be more energy-efficient, then building a new home would be the right decision for you! 

5. Have a phone?

If you answered yes to that question, you are more than ready to start building a new home with us! It is that simple. Just pick up your phone, call us, and we will set up an appointment with you to come to our in-house design center. We will discuss everything, from questions to concerns to your wants and needs for your new home! 

We are more than happy to explain our build process and help you in any way we can to ease your mind. 

So if you have a phone and have checked off most of the things on this checklist, you are ready to build and should give us a call; we would love to hear from you! You can find our contact information here

Our Favorite Bathroom Vanities | Jon Huss Custom Homes

To finish off the year for some of our favorite pieces in our custom homes, we thought it would be great to show you four of our favorite Jon Huss Custom Home bathroom vanities. Hopefully, you love them as much as we do!

Parade Home | Greenville

We are starting with a bang! We love these matching bathroom vanities from our 2020 Fox Cities Parade Home. These bathroom vanities are exactly as you would think, very modern. The elegant but straightforward grey color complimenting the gold hardware is gorgeous. With the clean lines and color palette, you can’t go wrong with this vanity style.

Custom Home | Neenah

Here we have another double vanity, but the style leans more towards traditional-modern or farmhouse modern. This is because of the white cabinets and brown color countertop. Every bit of this vanity ties so well together. The unique mirrors add a touch of wood to complement the modern farmhouse style the whole vanity gives off.

Parade Home | Kimberly

Our next vanity is a gorgeous black color with a darker tone countertop. This vanity is unique, referring to the overall color palette of the bathroom. Usually, we see bright white or colored vanities, but here we decided to switch it up. The mirror ties everything together and brings a farmhouse touch complementing the X detail on the sides of the vanity.

Custom Home | Cornrow

Last but certainly not least, and maybe one of our favorite vanities of all time! This gorgeous woodblock industrial vanity. Who wouldn’t want this piece in their home? It adds the perfect amount of industrial style while still keeping it modern with the usage of clean lines and a black base. This vanity is trendy within Jon Huss Custom Homes and has been used in other custom homes of ours.

We hope you enjoyed seeing our favorite Jon Huss Custom Home Bathroom vanities. If you have any questions about building or want more information about our company, click here! Our team would love to talk with you and give you a free consultation!

Top 5 Jon Huss Custom Homes Light Fixtures |

The 2021 Home Building season has brought many new trends to our attention. One of them is light fixtures. We noticed our clients’ putting a more significant emphasis on picking out the perfect light fixtures for their home. Since we saw that trend throughout our clientele, we decided to pick our top 5 Jon Huss Custom Homes light fixtures! Hopefully, you like them as much as we do!

Parade Home | Greenville

Our First light fixture is, without a doubt, gorgeous. We loved our client’s pick to put this modern fixture in this room. The blue-colored wall contrasts nicely with the black & gold fixture. Since this fixture is more contemporary, it allows style flow throughout the house. Even with the shiplap detail within the ceiling, it adds a nice shift from the modern style.

Custom Home | Neenah

A classic light fixture style that has been around for a bit, but who doesn’t love a classic! This particular fixture style is simple but makes a statement with its size and amount of bulbs. A perfect fit for above the dining table to light up any dinner with family and guests.

Custom Home | Greenville

Unique. That is all we can say about this beautiful light fixture. Our clients didn’t stay within a particular style for their fixtures throughout this specific home, but we had to pick this one because of the gold finish and geometric detail.

Custom Home | De Pere

Simple but effective. We love these light fixtures put in the lower level of this home. This area is meant to be a bar/serving area. As you can see, the two windows bring a significant amount of light into the home, so having these light fixtures compliments that well. Even though the space looks bigger for these smaller fixtures, this will create a great accent light when a movie is playing, for example.

Parade Home | Kimberly

Last but certainly not least. How perfectly does this intricate sphere light fixture compliment this foyer! We love how the geometric ceiling detail compliments the light fixture and contrasts the wood stain and matte black finish.

We hope you enjoyed seeing our favorite Jon Huss Custom Home light fixtures. If you have any questions about building or want more information about our company, click here! Our team would love to talk with you and give you a free consultation!

Our Favorite Ceiling Details | Jon Huss Custom Homes

We wanted to showcase some of our favorite ceiling details that have been done in our custom homes. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Parade Home | Combined Locks

Our first ceiling detail features this gorgeous wood paneling. This wood paneling complements the wood floors and the darker accents like the door, light fixture, and furniture. This ceiling detail in the foyer creates a focal point and allows for a great conversation starter when guests walk into your home.

Parade Home | Combined Locks

Another similar ceiling detail we love is wood beams. Wood beams allow for a great statement detail in any room. It is a stylish and simple way to bring some rustic or modern style into your home. These wood beams create a nice contrast to the white walls and dark trim.

Custom Home | Greenville

Our following ceiling detail is this shiplap paneling. This style of ceiling detail adds a little bit of charm to this very modern home. The shiplap detail contrasts with the contemporary light fixtures, creating a balance between the two styles.

Custom Home | Grand Chute

Last but not least, we have a more traditional ceiling detail. This ceiling is specifically called a coffered ceiling. Having this detail within a room brings the perfect amount of uniqueness. The balance of the grey walls and light wood floors complement the coffered ceiling, allowing it to be the room’s focal point.

We hope you enjoyed seeing some of our custom homes and their ceiling details. If you have any questions about building or want more information about our company, click here! Our team would love to talk with you and give you a free consultation!

Whole House Humidifier Tips | Jon Huss Custom Homes

Does your home have a whole-home humidifier? If so, here are some tips and information on setting your humidifier and how too much or too little humidity may affect your home.

Setting The Indoor Humidity |

If your home does have a whole-house humidifier, it will be attached to the furnace or HVAC system. For most homes, a comfortable relative humidity throughout the summer, spring, and fall seasons is around 30% and 50%. Having the humidity set at this level will allow your family to be comfortable in your home throughout most of the year.

With that being said, in the colder months, such as the winter season, you may need to re-adjust the humidity level when the temperature drops significantly. If you keep your home at 50% humidity, this may cause condensation that can damage your home’s window sills and walls. For example, when the temperature is between 0 and 10 degrees, having the humidity set at 20% will better serve your home and result in fewer chances of damages. Another example will be to set your humidity level to 25% if the outdoor temperature is 10 to 20 degrees.

You would have to track the outdoor temperature in those cases, which can be a bit of a bother. If you don’t want to do that, you can set your humidifier between 30% and 50%, then lower the humidity if you start to notice window concentration.

Too Much Humidity |

Unfortunately, too much humidity can cause a lot of damage to your beautiful home. When warm, moist air comes in contact with a dry surface, the water in the air condenses, which creates water droplets. Here are some ways you can determine excess humidity:

  • Frequent fogging of windows. The right relative humidity allows slight condensation along the lower edges of the windows.
  • Science Trick. Take a glass and drop some ice cubes in it. Wait 3 minutes and if moisture forms on the outisde of the glass, the air is too humid.
  • Moisture Buildup. Moisture buildup or mold on closet walls or room ceilings also indicate high humidity.

Cleaning your Whole House Humidifier |

  1. Turn off the device! Make sure it is unplugged to avoid any electric shock. Go ahead and disassemble the unit to start cleaning.
  2. Empty Water. once you have emptied the water reservoir, you can fill it to about 2/3rd level. Then add some chlorine bleach. (This will get rid of any microbes)
  3. Replace the water panel. This will need to be replaced annually. (Please read instruction manual for replacement.)
  4. Clean outer body. Lastly you will need to clean the outside of the humidifer. Dip a cloth in warm water or you can use diluted vineger.

Once you are finished cleaning, make sure to re-assemble your humidifier correctly!

We hope you found this information helpful on Whole House Humidifier. If you do not have one of these in your homes & are thinking of building, don’t hesitate to contact us to answer your questions! Click here for our contact information.

5 things to get your home ready for the Fall/Winter season |

Some of us don’t want to admit it, but the Fall/Winter season is upon us, and we want to make sure your homes are in tip-top shape to withstand these seasons. Here are 5 things that we recommend to get your home ready for the fall & winter seasons!

1. Clean Gutters!

Gutters are one part of your home that you don’t always think to clean when getting ready for the colder months. But they are probably one of the most important parts of the home to clean, especially this time of year! Your gutter drains thousands of gallons of water from your roof, and if not cleaned properly, you could end up with a lot of interior and exterior damage. So make sure to get those gutters clean while it is still nice outside!

2. Change your filters!

Another thing to always do before the cold season is to change your filters. It is much harder to keep your home at a temperature that won’t make your heating bills go crazy if your filters are clogged. Changing the filters should be done every 3-6 months, but you can get away with it before fall rolls around.

3. Fertilize and cut the lawn for the last mow of the year!

What a sad event this will be..cutting the lawn for the last time. This definitely means the end of the warm season, and here comes the brutal winter. Fertilizing and mowing it down for the winter will make your lawn look brand new once spring hits! Also, once you apply the fertilizer, it’ll prevent winter damage, which will also help turn the lawn greener in the spring! We recommend using “Scotts Turf Builder Winterguard Fall Lawn Food”!

4. Drain & disconnect outdoor faucets.

PLEASE disconnect and remove all hoses from the outdoor faucets! This will prevent any water from freezing. Fortunately, our hose bibs are frost-free, meaning you do not need to turn them off, but for added precaution and peace of mind, they can be.

5. Test winter equipment!

No one wants the pain of realization that their snow blower isn’t working when it’s 7 in the morning, and you need to get your car out to get to work on time. So, please check all your winter equipment that it is running well and working properly!

We hope you enjoyed learning about these 5 tips to get your home ready for the fall & winter seasons! If you have any questions about our company, please click here to get in contact with us!

Meadow Park, Greenville | Jon Huss Custom Home

The newest Jon Huss Custom Home is here. This beautiful home is officially complete, and since there are so many aspects of this home that we love, we are giving you an inside look into the details of this custom home. Throughout the blog post, we will also be highlighting the subcontractors that helped us create this gorgeous home. We hope you enjoy it!

Exterior |

What a show-stopping color our client picked for their home. The red-colored siding, provided by Wisconsin Building Supply, is gorgeous! This home’s brick matches perfectly with the red siding, giving it a farmhouse look, but adding the brick brings it to a whole new level. Thank you to our friends at Darboy Stone and Brick!

Kitchen & Dining |

Our favorite part about this home is that it incorporates many styles, especially the kitchen & dining area. The timeless subway tile blends well with the modern light fixtures (Lighting By Design) and our clients’ antique furniture. Of course, we have to point out the beautiful green cabinets provided by our friends at Valley Cabinet Inc. The light, sage green color matches the kitchen’s darker accents, such as the countertop (Granite Co.), certain cabinets, and some hardware.

Main living Spaces |

These living spaces are breathtaking. Cozy and inviting is what comes to mind when looking at these spaces. Located off the dining area, this provides an open floor plan, making the space feel very cohesive. The focal point of this space is the beautiful all brick fireplace. Thank you to our friends at VanHandel Masonry for installing all the brick.

Bathrooms |

Here we have gorgeous bathrooms and tile showers. A spotless and classic look with the white tile and adding some fun tiling throughout the bathroom and shower. Thank you to our friends at HJ Martin for providing and installing this tile.

Extras |

Last but certainly not least, we wanted to showcase some very cool aspects of the home. Our clients used different wallpaper throughout this house to spice up the space. As you can see in their home office, they decided on the gorgeous Marlyn Monroe wallpaper. Our clients also added a home theatre to their home, and how wonderful is that movie theatre-themed carpeting? We love it!

We hope you love getting an inside look at this newly finished Jon Huss Custom Home! Our clients were so fun to work with, and we appreciate them so much for letting us build their home and challenging us as builders to create their dream home. If you would like more information about our custom homes, please click here; our staff would love to give you a free consultation at our in-house design center.

If you would like to see even more photos of this home, please click here!

Top 5 Jon Huss Custom Homes Kitchen Islands |

Have you heard the phrase, “the kitchen is the heart of the home”? If so, then you know how much detail and specific style goes into designing a kitchen. We wanted to showcase our favorite Jon Huss Custom Home kitchen islands because this piece is something everyone uses in the home. Whether it’s to cook on, do homework, or bake a cake for a birthday, a kitchen island can hold many memories for our clients. So we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Parade Home | Combined Locks

This first kitchen island is unique. There is a lot of contrast going on, but it all blends very well together. Having the dark wood tone against the patterned countertops creates a great contrast between the two. Something specific about this island is the sink is located in it. Different clients have different preferences, but this is a popular trend to have your sink located within your island.

Custom Home | De Pere

Colorful but simple! Moving onto this kitchen island, we see a colorful base with a simple marble countertop. As you can see, this island exhibits space underneath for barstools or even storage. The shape of the island adds an A-symmetrical modern style to the kitchen. Like in the last kitchen island, the sink is also located within the island.

Parade Home | Combined Locks

What a beautiful large island! This island has great space for multiple seats. Like the first island we showed, this one here has a similar pattern countertop, but the island’s base is a darker tone. This allows for a more cohesive color palette, matching the barstools and other details of the kitchen.

Parade Home | Greenville

Who doesn’t love a pop of color! We love this kitchen island because our client chose this beautiful blue color for their island. It matches so well with the gold accents and darker tone cabinets. The rest of their home features pops of color from the furniture, so incorporating this color for the island allows for a cohesive palette throughout the home.

Custom Home | Little Chute

CLASSIC! What a perfect word for this kitchen island. This island is the classic combination of a large surface area, darker tone base, with a gorgeous granite countertop. We absolutely love this client’s pick for the classic white cabinets with the dark tone island color. You can never go wrong with a classic color palette and layout for your kitchen island.

We hope you enjoyed seeing our favorite Jon Huss Custom Home kitchen islands. Hopefully, you now know there are so many options and styles when creating your kitchen island. Every detail is so important, and those details can turn into the heart of your new home. If you have any questions about building or want more information about our company, click here! Our team would love to talk with you and give you a free consultation!

Top 5 Jon Huss Custom Homes Outdoor Spaces |

With being in the midst of the summer season, we wanted to showcase our favorite Jon Huss Custom Home outdoor spaces! We hope you enjoy these spaces as much as we do.

Parade Home | Combined Locks

The first outdoor space features a gorgeous stone fireplace perfect for even those colder months. This outdoor space provides the perfect amount of space for outdoor furniture, as well as a grill. It makes for the perfect space to entertain with two access points from the living room and kitchen.

Custom Home | De Pere

This outdoor space is the perfect contender for the summer season. With it being totally enclosed, no one has to deal with those pesky mosquitos. Not only is it enclosed, but if you look at the right photo, there is a window that opens to the outdoor space. This allows a perfect way to entertain guests while getting food or drinks ready in the kitchen.

Parade Home | Combined Locks

A simple but great outdoor space with gorgeous ceiling beams to add a sense of coziness to the space. It provides room for furniture, grill, plants, and anything you could want for your outdoor space with a generous amount of space.

Custom | Cornrow

A more traditional outdoor space featuring an upper-level deck. This classic space is perfect for those who enjoy sun tanning or the sun in general, perfect for the summertime. If you look below, there is an area of a covered lower-level walkout as well. The best of both worlds!

Custom | Crown Pointe

Another gorgeous upper-level deck. This outdoor space provides optimal space for any furniture or accessories. A sliding door leading into the kitchen/living room allows for great access to the main heart of the home. This homeowner even added heaters on the ceiling, which is perfect for our Wisconsin climate.

We hope you enjoyed seeing our favorite Jon Huss Custom Home outdoor spaces. If you would like to see more of our homes, click here. Have questions about building or want more information about our company, click here! Our team at Jon Huss Custom Homes would love to talk with you and give you a free consultation!

Top 5 Jon Huss Custom Home Railings |

At Jon Huss Custom Homes, railings are our specialty. When building our client’s dream homes, we always consider building a custom railing to match the style of their home. In this post, we have chosen our top 5 favorite Jon Huss railings. We hope you love them as much as we do.

Custom Home | Design Drive

This first railing is the perfect simple, modern detail that represented this home’s style so well. With clean lines and classic black color, you can’t go wrong with a railing like this. Even with its simplicity, this railing compliments the rest of the home perfectly.

Custom Home | Solitude

This railing encompasses the perfect mixture of the two styles, modern & farmhouse. The white accent color and lighter stain of the floor, paired with black, absolutely exhibits a Modern Farmhouse. A mixture of styles is a challenge but always ends up being a favorite because you get the best of both worlds.

Custom Home | Neenah

Another simple but gorgeous railing. Like the first one showed, this too has a simple design but adds flair with the different line design within the railing. Adding that design adds a farmhouse aspect while still exhibiting simplicity and modern style.

Parade Home | Combined Locks

This style of railing must be popular! Here again, we see this simplistic modern farmhouse design. But with this one, the base color is white. This white color breaks up the dark iron railing and allows for a more light and airy feeling, complimenting the carpet and wall color.

Parade Home | Combined Locks

Last but certainly not least, we have a gorgeous mixed material railing. Not only is it eye-catching, but it also matches the rest of the home perfectly. Throughout the home, you will see the same stain of wood and metal touches. Having a railing with mixed material allows the home to convey a cohesive style.

We hope you loved diving into our favorite Jon Huss Custom Homes railings. If you would like to see more of our custom homes, click here. Have questions about building or want more information about our company, click here to contact us for a free consultation.

Top 5 Jon Huss Custom Home Fireplaces |

At Jon Huss Custom Homes, we strive to give our clients their exact dream home, and a lot of the time, that includes a unique fireplace for the heart of the home. In this post, we have chosen a few of our favorite Jon Huss fireplaces. We hope you love them as much as we do.

Custom Home | Solitude

This fireplace is definitely a favorite, and how could it not be? The statement mantle brings a bold and modern style to this farmhouse home. Now, this piece might not be your cup of tea, but it is definitely a unique and eye-catching addition to this home.

Parade Home | Kimberly

For this parade home, the Jon Huss Team decided to create two fireplaces. One in the living room and another in the other common area. Even though both of them are quite different, they are still cohesive in style. Of course, you wouldn’t want two of the same fireplaces in your home but having them be similar in color or style is great to keep a cohesive style throughout your home. Which one is your favorite?

Custom Home | Rose Tree

Isn’t that stone gorgeous? With the help of our friends from DarboyStone, they supplied us with this beautiful stone to create the fireplace in this home. A true statement piece displayed in the home’s living room is bound to create coziness and all-around entertainment for family and guests.

Custom Home | Neenah

Another beautiful stone fireplace but with an added modern wood & metal mantle. The stone matches perfectly with the stain of the wood mantle. This particular fireplace brings a warm tone to this home and allows for cozy fires on cold winter days or chilly fall mornings.

Parade Home | Kimberly

WOW… is all we have to say about this fireplace. This is the ultimate statement piece to have in your home. With the high ceilings in this home, our team decided it would be best for the fireplace to match that height. This allows for great symmetry between the ceilings, windows, and fireplace.

We hope you loved seeing some of our favorite Jon Huss Custom Home fireplaces! If you would like to see more of our custom homes, click here. Have questions about building or want more information about our company, click here to contact us for a free consultation!

How to keep your hardwood nice for years to come |

Hardwood flooring is a gorgeous addition to any home. At Jon Huss Custom Homes we love Hardwood flooring is a gorgeous addition to any home and we put them into most of our custom homes. Here at Jon Huss Custom Homes we specifically love hardwood floors by Ralph’s Hardwood Flooring and we have worked with them on several projects and the results are always gorgeous. Ralph’s has some great tips on how to keep hardwood floors to look just like they did when the home was built.

Preventative Care |

  • Protect Heavy Traffic Areas

One way you can prevent long-term damage to your hardwood floors is to protect the heavy traffic areas in your home. You can protect your floors with rugs, runners and mats while also maintaining a warm, homey appearance.

  • Monitor the humidity within your home

Humidity, both too much and not enough, can wreak havoc on your beautiful hardwood. Indoor humidity can change dramatically from one season to the next and if not monitored and controlled, can cause floors to move abnormally and in some cases cause permanent damage. Smart management of your HVAC settings and the use of a dehumidifier and air conditioner in the summer and a humidifier in winter will help achieve the optimal relative humidity and protect your floors.

  • Be conscious of sunlight

Natural lighting makes your home brighter and welcoming but too much is not the best thing for your hardwood floors. Prolonged intense sunlight will discolor floors and Ralph’s recommend using blinds or curtains to limit the amount of direct sunlight. If you have rugs on your hardwood floors, Ralph’s recommends that to prevent contrast moving them from time to time.

Occasional Care |

  • Dusting

Dusting the floor is a great way to keep it clean and you can do it as much as you would like. If you are using a dust mop, Ralph’s recommends you don’t use any solvents on it.

  • Vacuuming

Just like dusting, you can also vacuum the floor as much as you want, just be sure to either turn the beater bars off or only use a vacuum with soft bristle brushes that will not scratch the floor.

We hope you enjoyed learning about all the ways you can keep your hardwood floors looking gorgeous All of these tips are courtesy of Ralph’s Hardwood Floors and you find more floor care tips as well as other great hardwood floor information by visiting their website. We hope you enjoyed learning about all the ways you can keep your hardwood floors looking gorgeous for years to come!

Happy Earth Day |

Earth day is a special day when businesses and individuals come together to appreciate the ground we live, work and play on.  Here at Jon Huss Custom Homes, we do the most we can to build our homes by always being environmentally conscious. To do just that Jon Huss Custom Homes is part of the Focus on Energy Certification Program!

Here are some of the ways we implement sustainable practices into our homes:

  • Reduce energy waste | For example, the 827 million kilowatt-hours and 26 million therms saved by Focus on Energy in 2018 could power more than 86,000 homes for one year. That’s a lot of homes!
  • Using less natural resources | When eliminating energy waste prevents the need to purchase coal and natural gas.
  • Energy efficiency | Monthly electrical, space heating, and cooling savings. We provide multiple inspections to ensure airtightness & leakage prevention.

We hope making these changes to the way we build our homes helps sustain our earth. Jon Huss Custom Homes will always be looking to be sustainably conscious, HAPPY EARTH DAY!

Jon Huss Custom Homes Past Parade/Showcase Homes

Take a look at our custom homes from some of the past parade and showcase events! These homes are located within the Fox Cities area. Every home is custom designed to meet our buyers vision . You can also find more pictures of these homes in our photo gallery within our website.

Haven Ridge | Winnagamie Parade

This home features 4 Beds, 3.5 Baths, located in Combined Locks.

This open concept kitchen features a large island with a unique granite top. It also provides a sliding door walk out to the covered porch.

Solitude | Brown County Showcase

This home features 5 Beds, 4.5 Baths, Located in Suamico.

A Modern Farmhouse flare, this living room brings both styles together with its hard wood flooring and dark industrial fireplace.

Crown Pointe | Brown County Showcase

This home features 5 Beds, 3.5 Baths, located in De Pere.

This kitchen provides not only your basic utilities but also a wine cooler, as well as a large island for gathering.

Roland | Parade

This home features 3 Beds, 2.5 Baths, located in Combined Locks.

A gorgeous open concept lets this kitchen flow into the dinning area, as well as looking into the heart room. With unique detail of the backsplash and light fixtures, this kitchen provides everything.

If you are wanting to see one of our custom designs in person, the 2021 Fox Cities Parade of Homes is right around the corner! In this parade we are featuring a 5 bedroom, modern 4,826 Sq ft, 2 story with an industrial flare. It will be showing February 6-7 & 11-14 2021. If you would like more information about the event, please visit the HBA Fox Cities website.

Two Crucial Tips for building a Custom Home

1. Site Selection.

  • Before you get started consult with a custom builder to design the plan to best fit your lot. 

Did you know that we will walk your lot or potential lot for FREE. Our staff has over 30 years of site and land experience specializing in water properties and wood lots. We will consider the best way to place your new home and the exposure you’re looking for.

2. Choosing/Designing a floor plan.

  • Pick a Custom Builder with years of experience to help you design your custom floor plan. Now that you have your idea, let the builder pull from his tested and built homes to combine your ideas with his experience and knowledge of design that will work for what you are specifically looking for. 

Did you know we have over 30 years of custom home building experience? We work hand and hand with customers to design the home they want and offer our personal experience of ideas that will flow and blend to give them the home they are looking for. 

Gallery of Homes Event

Join us from May 16th to May 29th for our Gallery of Homes Tour! 

For our event this year we are doing things a bit different with these three great options that will still allow you to see these beautiful homes. 

       ~ Live FaceTime Videos 

       ~ Virtual tours/Vidoes 

       ~ Self-Guided on–site tours of our available homes 

If you have any questions, please email Also, if you would like a digital gallery book with all the home info and floor plans please email the address above. Once you have looked at our gallery book and have chosen how you would like to see the homes from our three options, we will help you accordingly! 

Stay safe and stay healthy! 

Fall Showcase of Homes

Tour custom homes throughout the Brown County Home Builders Association by top builders!  Tickets required.  Event begins Septrmber 15th-16th and continues September 20th-23rd!  For more details visit:  BCHBA Events

Fox Valley Gallery of Homes!

April 29th-30th 11am-3pm Saturday and Sunday!

One weekend- 11 new construction homes available to tour and purchase!  Speak with designers, bank representatives, see new subdivisions and lots available for your next build and pick up your complimentary plan book!  To register for tickets:  FOX VALLEY GALLERY OF HOMES

Home Planning Event!

Why wait until Spring to start designing your dream home?  If you are hoping to build a custom home next year, beat the rush and schedule your consulation with Jon Huss Custom Homes today!  Take advantage of our Free Planning Event!  Every Thursday in December stop in at our office between 9am-5pm to enjoy complimentary snacks and beverages, a tour of our Design Center, a sneak peek at some of our newest custom plans for 2017 or bring us your floor plan for a hassel-free consultation!  Thursdays not the best day?  Schedule an appointment when it’s convenient for you!  Or call 920-759-9805

Home Planning Event!

Every Thursday in December!

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(between the J & U exits of Hwy 41)