5 things to get your home ready for the Fall/Winter season |

Some of us don’t want to admit it, but the Fall/Winter season is upon us, and we want to make sure your homes are in tip-top shape to withstand these seasons. Here are 5 things that we recommend to get your home ready for the fall & winter seasons!

1. Clean Gutters!

Gutters are one part of your home that you don’t always think to clean when getting ready for the colder months. But they are probably one of the most important parts of the home to clean, especially this time of year! Your gutter drains thousands of gallons of water from your roof, and if not cleaned properly, you could end up with a lot of interior and exterior damage. So make sure to get those gutters clean while it is still nice outside!

2. Change your filters!

Another thing to always do before the cold season is to change your filters. It is much harder to keep your home at a temperature that won’t make your heating bills go crazy if your filters are clogged. Changing the filters should be done every 3-6 months, but you can get away with it before fall rolls around.

3. Fertilize and cut the lawn for the last mow of the year!

What a sad event this will be..cutting the lawn for the last time. This definitely means the end of the warm season, and here comes the brutal winter. Fertilizing and mowing it down for the winter will make your lawn look brand new once spring hits! Also, once you apply the fertilizer, it’ll prevent winter damage, which will also help turn the lawn greener in the spring! We recommend using “Scotts Turf Builder Winterguard Fall Lawn Food”!

4. Drain & disconnect outdoor faucets.

PLEASE disconnect and remove all hoses from the outdoor faucets! This will prevent any water from freezing. Fortunately, our hose bibs are frost-free, meaning you do not need to turn them off, but for added precaution and peace of mind, they can be.

5. Test winter equipment!

No one wants the pain of realization that their snow blower isn’t working when it’s 7 in the morning, and you need to get your car out to get to work on time. So, please check all your winter equipment that it is running well and working properly!

We hope you enjoyed learning about these 5 tips to get your home ready for the fall & winter seasons! If you have any questions about our company, please click here to get in contact with us!