Building A New Home

When you choose to build a new home with Jon Huss Custom Homes, we are there with you on the entire journey. You may be wondering, what is the process for building?

Creating your dream home can be a thrilling and satisfying journey, but it also demands a lot of organization, readiness, and teamwork. That’s why we at Jon Huss Custom Homes are eager to join you throughout the entire process. We guide you through every stage so you can relax and enjoy the building experience.

  1. Contact Us! Get in touch with us and book a quick appointment. We are eager to see you! We would enjoy having a short conversation with you about your preferences. We can discuss the schedule, whether you want to construct or purchase, and the following actions. We are delighted to meet our possible future home owners!! Reach out to us here to arrange a brief chat.
  2. Acquire the land. You’ll need to search for a suitable piece of land that fits your preferences, budget, and zoning regulations. This involves a lot of work – you’d need to verify the access and cost of utilities, such as water, sewer, and electricity, and get any required permits from the local authorities. Fortunately, we at Jon Huss Custom Homes are experts in the available lots. We are familiar with the procedures and steps, and we will handle everything for you and with you. We have lots ready for you or we can assist you in finding the ideal lot for you.
  3. Choose the best specialists. Jon Huss Custom Homes has the skilled team ready for you. Our team of experts work with you to ensure that your home is flawless. See our team here.
  4. Begin the design process. We will collaborate with you to design your dream home! We will develop a floor plan (if you don’t have one already), a layout, and a style for your new home. You should think about your lifestyle and preferences. We will ensure the design complies with the building codes and regulations. We will choose the materials, finishes, and fixtures for your new home, such as flooring, countertops, cabinets, appliances, and lighting. We will guide you through these steps together! Having our team of experts by your side makes this FUN and ENJOYABLE building process stress-free.
  5. Obtain funding. You might need to get a loan to cover the costs of building and buying your new home. You should compare different lenders and look for the best interest rates, terms, and fees, and get approved in advance. We talk and work with the best lenders for both construction loans or purchase. We can provide you with some of the lenders that have the best rates and programs for you.
  6. Begin the site work and lay the foundation. It’s time to get started!! We will remove any rocks, trees, and debris from the land, and make the site flat. We will excavate for the basement, and put in the footings and the foundation. The foundation holds up the framework of your new home and shields it from water and soil shifts.
  7. Build the frame and the exterior. We will then construct the framework of your new home, which consists of the walls, the ceiling, the roof, and the windows and doors. We will put in the siding, the roofing, and the exterior finishes, such as brick, stone, vinyl siding or cement board. The frame and the exterior determine the form and the look of your new home and shield it from the elements.
  8. Finish the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems. We will then put in the pipes, wires, ducts, and vents that connect your new home. We will also set up the outlets, switches, fixtures, appliances, and equipment for the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems. These systems supply water, power, heating, cooling, and ventilation to your new home and make it cozy and practical.
  9. Insulation and drywall. We will fill the gaps between the framing and the exterior with spray foam insulation to keep your new home cozy and quiet. At Jon Huss Custom Homes, we go beyond the insulation standard to ensure your comfort and lower your energy bills. Next, we will apply drywall on the walls and the ceiling to make them smooth and even for paint and decor.
  10. Finishing touches. We will finish the inside and the outside of your new home. This is when we add the final features and details that give your new home its personality and charm. This involves painting the walls and the ceiling, putting in the flooring and the countertops, installing custom cabinets and doors, hanging interior doors and trim, and installing the hardware.
  11. Conduct the final walkthrough and inspections. We will do the final walk-through and inspection of your new home. We make sure everything is done right and as you wanted. We do a “500 point” inspection at the final walkthrough (and also at framing and insulation stages). We do a Focus On Energy Inspection at various points of the process and test it at the end. We will also get your new home inspected by a professional who will confirm that it meets the quality and safety standards. If there are any problems or flaws, we will fix them before you move in.
  12. Leave us a review. We love your feedback! We’d be so appreciative if you would leave us a review of your positive experience on GoogleFacebook, or email us your review for our website at If you loved working with us, please let us know! We’d love to share your positive experience with our other potential clients.

Congratulations, you’ve just built your new home! 🎉

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