Getting Into Fall Feels Through Interior Design | Jon Huss Custom Homes

For us, this time of year means fall decor! Embracing the time of year when it begins to cool off, nights are longer, days are shorter. Why not make the best of this time by being bundled up on the couch admiring all the fall feels?!

As we dive into 2022 fall decor, think of all the ways to incorporate these into your home!

Warming Decor & Floral

Bring the outdoors into your home by creating floral arrangements that have warming colors. A great example would be sunflowers or mums. Add some pumpkins… fake or real, scattered around the house for a cute touch, and some autumn leaves to add more pop of color around the house! Feeling warm and cozy in your home means having your own personal touches, one thing that comes with fall is Halloween! Adding spooky/fall patterns on simple items around the house can make the atmosphere more fun and light. For example, pumpkin, ghost, leaves, or overall fall patterned towels, door mats, wall decor, whatever you prefer! Don’t be afraid to lighten the mood with some fun spooky patterns!

Fall Colors

These colors are combinations of browns, oranges, reds, and yellows. They give us the best warming fall feeling. These are only a few of the many warming fall colors! It gives the idea of looking outside at all the beautiful leaves, but in the comfort of your own home!

Feeling Cozy Yet?

Finally, the best way to feel cozy and warm in your home. As it begins to get colder and closer to winter, add lots of throw blankets and pillows. Adding fall-colored blankets and pillows to the couches and chairs gives the option to be warm and bundled up in your home! Get some fall-scented candles to help you relax, take a break, and soak up the good fall feels!

Curl up with some coffee or hot chocolate, and turn on your favorite movie bundled up in a blanket. Take some time for yourself and admire your fall-decorated space and the wonderful fall feels. Embrace the time before winter!

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