Jon Huss Custom Homes | 5 Creative uses of Extra Space

Cornrow | Combined Locks

In this extra loft space we added some decorative shelves, a small cabinet, and an area to sit. This space has a lot of potential, a little learning area, reading space, or just an overall great place to relax, and the list goes on. A perfect space to store anything from books to kids toys right at the top of the stairs!

Haven Ridge | Buchanan

This cute little area gives a good place to sit and take your shoes off, hang your keys and/or jacket after a long day. Store your shoes under the bench and go on with the day! Adding a lamp is just the right detail to brighten your home at night.

Crown Pointe | Suamico

The hidden coffee bar! Modern shelving with recessing cabinet doors giving you the choice of showing off your amazing coffee bar or keeping them closed to contain the clean modern look of your kitchen. Not only can it be an area for your coffee, but anything from d├ęcor, to simply being part of your pantry space!

Rose Tree | Center

This loft area is a great idea for a kids toy room, reading nook, or simply just a place to hang out and relax! It gives you or your kids a place to get away, calm down, get ready for the night, or prepare to have a good rest of the day. The things you could do with a room like this are endless!

Pioneer Road | Neenah

This space, being more commonly used, is still a great use of extra space. 4 spaces to hang sweaters or jackets while knowing whos is whos! A bench to put on or take off your shoes, and cabinets underneath the bench to keep your shoes out of the way! Convenient yet organized!

What’s your dream space?

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