Our Favorite Bathroom Vanities | Jon Huss Custom Homes

To finish off the year for some of our favorite pieces in our custom homes, we thought it would be great to show you four of our favorite Jon Huss Custom Home bathroom vanities. Hopefully, you love them as much as we do!

Parade Home | Greenville

We are starting with a bang! We love these matching bathroom vanities from our 2020 Fox Cities Parade Home. These bathroom vanities are exactly as you would think, very modern. The elegant but straightforward grey color complimenting the gold hardware is gorgeous. With the clean lines and color palette, you can’t go wrong with this vanity style.

Custom Home | Neenah

Here we have another double vanity, but the style leans more towards traditional-modern or farmhouse modern. This is because of the white cabinets and brown color countertop. Every bit of this vanity ties so well together. The unique mirrors add a touch of wood to complement the modern farmhouse style the whole vanity gives off.

Parade Home | Kimberly

Our next vanity is a gorgeous black color with a darker tone countertop. This vanity is unique, referring to the overall color palette of the bathroom. Usually, we see bright white or colored vanities, but here we decided to switch it up. The mirror ties everything together and brings a farmhouse touch complementing the X detail on the sides of the vanity.

Custom Home | Cornrow

Last but certainly not least, and maybe one of our favorite vanities of all time! This gorgeous woodblock industrial vanity. Who wouldn’t want this piece in their home? It adds the perfect amount of industrial style while still keeping it modern with the usage of clean lines and a black base. This vanity is trendy within Jon Huss Custom Homes and has been used in other custom homes of ours.

We hope you enjoyed seeing our favorite Jon Huss Custom Home Bathroom vanities. If you have any questions about building or want more information about our company, click here! Our team would love to talk with you and give you a free consultation!

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