Top 5 Jon Huss Custom Homes Light Fixtures |

The 2021 Home Building season has brought many new trends to our attention. One of them is light fixtures. We noticed our clients’ putting a more significant emphasis on picking out the perfect light fixtures for their home. Since we saw that trend throughout our clientele, we decided to pick our top 5 Jon Huss Custom Homes light fixtures! Hopefully, you like them as much as we do!

Parade Home | Greenville

Our First light fixture is, without a doubt, gorgeous. We loved our client’s pick to put this modern fixture in this room. The blue-colored wall contrasts nicely with the black & gold fixture. Since this fixture is more contemporary, it allows style flow throughout the house. Even with the shiplap detail within the ceiling, it adds a nice shift from the modern style.

Custom Home | Neenah

A classic light fixture style that has been around for a bit, but who doesn’t love a classic! This particular fixture style is simple but makes a statement with its size and amount of bulbs. A perfect fit for above the dining table to light up any dinner with family and guests.

Custom Home | Greenville

Unique. That is all we can say about this beautiful light fixture. Our clients didn’t stay within a particular style for their fixtures throughout this specific home, but we had to pick this one because of the gold finish and geometric detail.

Custom Home | De Pere

Simple but effective. We love these light fixtures put in the lower level of this home. This area is meant to be a bar/serving area. As you can see, the two windows bring a significant amount of light into the home, so having these light fixtures compliments that well. Even though the space looks bigger for these smaller fixtures, this will create a great accent light when a movie is playing, for example.

Parade Home | Kimberly

Last but certainly not least. How perfectly does this intricate sphere light fixture compliment this foyer! We love how the geometric ceiling detail compliments the light fixture and contrasts the wood stain and matte black finish.

We hope you enjoyed seeing our favorite Jon Huss Custom Home light fixtures. If you have any questions about building or want more information about our company, click here! Our team would love to talk with you and give you a free consultation!