Top 5 Jon Huss Custom Homes Outdoor Spaces |

With being in the midst of the summer season, we wanted to showcase our favorite Jon Huss Custom Home outdoor spaces! We hope you enjoy these spaces as much as we do.

Parade Home | Combined Locks

The first outdoor space features a gorgeous stone fireplace perfect for even those colder months. This outdoor space provides the perfect amount of space for outdoor furniture, as well as a grill. It makes for the perfect space to entertain with two access points from the living room and kitchen.

Custom Home | De Pere

This outdoor space is the perfect contender for the summer season. With it being totally enclosed, no one has to deal with those pesky mosquitos. Not only is it enclosed, but if you look at the right photo, there is a window that opens to the outdoor space. This allows a perfect way to entertain guests while getting food or drinks ready in the kitchen.

Parade Home | Combined Locks

A simple but great outdoor space with gorgeous ceiling beams to add a sense of coziness to the space. It provides room for furniture, grill, plants, and anything you could want for your outdoor space with a generous amount of space.

Custom | Cornrow

A more traditional outdoor space featuring an upper-level deck. This classic space is perfect for those who enjoy sun tanning or the sun in general, perfect for the summertime. If you look below, there is an area of a covered lower-level walkout as well. The best of both worlds!

Custom | Crown Pointe

Another gorgeous upper-level deck. This outdoor space provides optimal space for any furniture or accessories. A sliding door leading into the kitchen/living room allows for great access to the main heart of the home. This homeowner even added heaters on the ceiling, which is perfect for our Wisconsin climate.

We hope you enjoyed seeing our favorite Jon Huss Custom Home outdoor spaces. If you would like to see more of our homes, click here. Have questions about building or want more information about our company, click here! Our team at Jon Huss Custom Homes would love to talk with you and give you a free consultation!