Happy Earth Day |

Earth day is a special day when businesses and individuals come together to appreciate the ground we live, work and play on.  Here at Jon Huss Custom Homes, we do the most we can to build our homes by always being environmentally conscious. To do just that Jon Huss Custom Homes is part of the Focus on Energy Certification Program!

Here are some of the ways we implement sustainable practices into our homes:

  • Reduce energy waste | For example, the 827 million kilowatt-hours and 26 million therms saved by Focus on Energy in 2018 could power more than 86,000 homes for one year. That’s a lot of homes!
  • Using less natural resources | When eliminating energy waste prevents the need to purchase coal and natural gas.
  • Energy efficiency | Monthly electrical, space heating, and cooling savings. We provide multiple inspections to ensure airtightness & leakage prevention.

We hope making these changes to the way we build our homes helps sustain our earth. Jon Huss Custom Homes will always be looking to be sustainably conscious, HAPPY EARTH DAY!