How to keep your hardwood nice for years to come |

Hardwood flooring is a gorgeous addition to any home. At Jon Huss Custom Homes we love implementing hardwood flooring into most of our custom homes. Specifically, Ralphs’s Hard Wood Flooring. In multiple Jon Huss Custom Homes, we have used Ralphs Hardwood Flooring and the floors are always gorgeous. Now how do we keep these gorgeous hardwood floors to look just like they did when the home was first built? Well, Ralph Hardwood Flooring has some great tips on how to do so. 

Preventative Care |

  • Protect Heavy Traffic Areas

One way you can prevent long-term damage to your hardwood floors is to “protect heavy traffic areas” (Ralphs’s floor care instructions). A good way to protect the floors while also allowing your home to have a homey feel is adding rugs to areas where you tend to be more than others.; “rugs near sinks and doors leading to the outside.” (Ralphs’s floor care instructions). 

  • Monitor the humidity within your home

Another way to make sure to prevent any future wear and tear is to monitor the humidity within your home. “Hardwood floors shrink and expand with changes in the atmosphere.” (Ralphs’s floor care instructions). In some cases when the humidity increase, cupping occurs when the floors absorb moisture and expand. Don’t worry there is an easy fix to make sure cupping doesn’t happen, putting an air condition or dehumidifier during the summer, and using a humidifier during the winter. “Keep your relative humidity as close to 40% as possible by keeping the humidity level below 50% in the summer and above 30% in the winter.” (Ralphs’s floor care instructions). 

  • Be conscious of sunlight

Even though natural lighting makes your home feel brighter, it might not be the best thing for your hardwood floors. Unfortunately “intense sunlight will discolor floors” (Ralphs’s floor care instructions). The recommendation is to do your best to try to protect your floors from direct sunlight. Now, this might seem impossible, but it is more than normal to see some discoloration within your floors over time. If you do have rugs placed on your hardwood floors to prevent contrast, “we recommend moving them from time to time.” (Ralphs’s floor care instructions). 

Occasional Care |

  • Dusting

Dusting the floor is great and you can do it as much as you would like. If you are using a dust mop, “make sure it does not have any solvents on it.” (Ralphs’s floor care instructions). 

  • Vacuuming

Just like dusting, you can also vacuum the floor as much as you want. Always be sure “the vacuum you are using has a soft bristle brush which will not scratch the floor” (Ralphs’s floor care instructions). 

We hope you enjoyed learning about all the ways you can keep your hardwood floors looking gorgeous for years to come! Jon Huss Custom Homes also thanks Ralphs Hardwood Flooring for providing this information on their website. If you would like more information on hardwood flooring and care, please visit their website here!