Top 5 Jon Huss Custom Home Fireplaces |

At Jon Huss Custom Homes, we strive to give our clients their exact dream home, and a lot of the time, that includes a unique fireplace for the heart of the home. In this post, we have chosen a few of our favorite Jon Huss fireplaces. We hope you love them as much as we do.

Custom Home | Solitude

This fireplace is definitely a favorite, and how could it not be? The statement mantle brings a bold and modern style to this farmhouse home. Now, this piece might not be your cup of tea, but it is definitely a unique and eye-catching addition to this home.

Parade Home | Kimberly

For this parade home, the Jon Huss Team decided to create two fireplaces. One in the living room and another in the other common area. Even though both of them are quite different, they are still cohesive in style. Of course, you wouldn’t want two of the same fireplaces in your home but having them be similar in color or style is great to keep a cohesive style throughout your home. Which one is your favorite?

Custom Home | Rose Tree

Isn’t that stone gorgeous? With the help of our friends from DarboyStone, they supplied us with this beautiful stone to create the fireplace in this home. A true statement piece displayed in the home’s living room is bound to create coziness and all-around entertainment for family and guests.

Custom Home | Neenah

Another beautiful stone fireplace but with an added modern wood & metal mantle. The stone matches perfectly with the stain of the wood mantle. This particular fireplace brings a warm tone to this home and allows for cozy fires on cold winter days or chilly fall mornings.

Parade Home | Kimberly

WOW… is all we have to say about this fireplace. This is the ultimate statement piece to have in your home. With the high ceilings in this home, our team decided it would be best for the fireplace to match that height. This allows for great symmetry between the ceilings, windows, and fireplace.

We hope you loved seeing some of our favorite Jon Huss Custom Home fireplaces! If you would like to see more of our custom homes, click here. Have questions about building or want more information about our company, click here to contact us for a free consultation!